Mystery Shopper Contract            

As a Mystery Shopper (MS) for Better Business World Wide (BB) I agree to the conditions and I guarantee to follow the rules in this contract. After thoroughly reading the text I confirm this by entering the two last digits in the year I am born, in the field below.      

I give consent for Better Business to store my personal data in their systems for planning, execution, follow up, grading, and payment for my assignments. The more complete my personal profile is in BeOnline, the more possible it is that Better Business can match me for relevant assignments. I can choose the information I submit in my personal profile, provided that it is true, and I can at any time print and edit my information. My identity will not be revealed in reports to Better Business’ clients, unless it is a precondition for the assignment and I approve to it in advance. The data is only available for Better Business’ employee’s and partners, which are tied by confidentiality agreements. The data will be shared with authorities according to legislation. Better Business’ Integrity policy is available at Better Business’ webpage.

Market research/Mystery Shopper-visits according to BB´s guidelines per project. The assignment includes only the performance of the projects defined and offered by BB to the MS, and that has been confirmed in writing via Internet/e-mail by BB and MS. BB alone has the right to decide which and how many assignments MS shall be offered to conduct. Both parties agree that employment according to Alt. 1, only apply for the projects and conditions that has been agreed for every specific occasion, via internet/e-mail, between BB and the employee. Every new occasion is considered as a new temporary employment. No agreement of employment exists in between the individual assignments/different occasions. This agreement does not entitle the employee to acquire any employment or assignments other than what has been confirmed by Better Business online and/or via e-mail.      

Fee incl. vacation payment, for assignments is decided in advance and is documented via Internet/e-mail for each assignment. The checklist report must be entered into BB’s reporting system BeOnline (if nothing else is agreed) within 12 hours after the visit. MS has no right to a higher fee other than what is agreed before the visit and is confirmed by BB.

Only if reimbursement for expenses has been agreed to in advance, BB will reimburse them provided that approved receipts with specified VAT are submitted in BeOnline according to BB´s instructions.

Conditions for payment:  
Compensation for the visits conducted during each month, is paid on the 25th in the following month. All payments require that BB has received correct bank account number and personal information from MS before the assignment, and that MS has submitted an approved verification of the completed assignment in BeOnline (or submitted in other way according to instructions from BBWW). If the assignment is not approved by BB, MS will not get paid. If of some reason BB cannot forward the payment to the MS, (e.g. due to incomplete account info from MS) the MS cannot claim payment later than one year after the assignment was conducted and approved. If BB requests original receipts these must be received by BB within the required time frame and at the latest before the 5th in the following month, for payment on the 25th. Verifications shall be submitted in BeOnline and be clear and easy to read. VAT shall be clearly specified on the receipts. Better Business will not reimburse receipts received after January 31st regarding the year previous.

Payment options:
I will confirm in BeOnline which payment option is applicable for me:   

Alt. 1) I am resident in Sweden and the payment will be paid to me personally: Better Business will deduct 30% in tax and pay the required social security costs. Approved expenses under 500 SEK/visit will be reimbursed the 25th in the following month. Approved expenses over 500 SEK/visit will be reimbursed as soon as possible.

Alt. 2) I am resident outside of Sweden and the payment will be paid to me personally:   I am personally responsible for payment of tax + social security costs to the relevant authorities in my country. Approved expenses under 500 SEK/visit will be reimbursed the 25th in the following month. Approved expenses over 500 SEK/visit will be reimbursed as soon as possible.

Alt. 3) I have a registered company in Sweden and a valid ”F-skattsedel” so the following applies: I do not send any invoices for my work to BB, instead I accept that BB will issue the invoices on my behalf, so called ”self invoicing”. (see information in the "FAQ section). BB will issue an invoice for all assignments completed and approved during the previous month. The invoice is available for me to print out via the BeOnline system. The invoice amount will automatically be paid to my company account the 25th in the month after the approved assignments. If I have any expenses that are approved by BB before the assignment, I will upload the receipt via the BeOnline system before each deadline. I will also keep the original receipt for my own book keeping and for future quality control by BBWW. In case additional invoices are requested by BB, Swedish companies charge VAT if they are responsible for declaring that. Companies outside Sweden will not charge VAT.


1. MS undertake to always keep his/her profile information in the BeOnline system updated with actual, complete and correct data.
2. MS is not allowed to visit the same unit more often than what is decided for each project.
3. MS is not allowed to visit a unit where MS is known by the personnel.
4. MS must PERSONNALLY complete the assignments he/she has signed up for and is under no circumstances allowed to share any information about the assignment with anyone else.
5. Only true, completely filled out checklists are compensated.
6. BB is not responsible for MS´s security to/from/under assignments/visits.
7. If MS cannot complete the assignment/visit within the agreed time or deadline, MS must immediately inform BB.
8. All information about BBWW; Clients, routines, guidelines, checklists, reports, events and results regarding the assignments are strictly confidential and considered BBWW´s exclusive company property.
9. Involvement/cooperation with the Clients management or staff is strictly forbidden.
10. Reproduction of any document regarding BB´s company property is strictly forbidden in any way (copyright).
11. In case MS would intentionally submit incorrect or false information or expose BB’s company property information to third part, then MS will be suspended and required to pay back received compensation, and shall in addition compensate BBWW with the amount that the damage of this has caused to BBWW.
12. All these conditions are extremely important and neglecting to follow the rules will result in termination of the agreement, as it would prevent our possibilities to fulfil the assignments on a high level of efficiency and quality.

The Agreement
This agreement can be terminated immediately, by any of the parts, at any time, however both parts are still required to fulfil the assignments and responsibilities that have been confirmed. Also the conditions about confidentiality of company property information and copyright, is valid for all future.         

Vallentuna, 2017-12-20

Welcome to our team of Mystery Shoppers


Lina Schölin
Better Business Sweden AB

NB! Mystery Shoppers resident in Iceland has to print out the agreement in Icelandic.

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